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Berto’s is an authentic Italian pizza restaurant and takeaway, situated in the scenic moorland town of Moretonhampstead.

With a warm cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, Berto’s is a lovely place to eat.

Choose your drink from our menu:
italian wines, beers, cocktails, soft drinks and more! 

You can also bring your own wine for a little 5£ corkage per bottle.

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for reservations and take-away orders:

07960 586539
01647 441240



Mixed Salad £5.50

Garlic Bread £6.00

Cheesy Garlic Bread £7.00

Caprese Salad £9.00
tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic

Special Salad £9.00
(see the board)
This week: Burrata salad!

Tricolore Salad £10.00
avocado, mozzarella, tomato

Seafood Salad £12.00
mussels, prawns, squids

Antipasto £16.00
cured meats, marinated
vegetables, cheese, salad,

Veg Antipasto £16.00
marinated and seasonal
vegetables, cheese, salad,


Tomato and Basil £10.00

Arrabbiata £11.00
tomato, chilli, parmesan

Carbonara £12.00
bacon, eggs, cream, parmesan

Matriciana £12.00
tomato, bacon, parmesan

Pasta Bolognese £12.00
beef&pork, tomato

Meatballs £13.00
beef&pork, tomato

Lasagna £14.00
beef, pork, tomato, mozzarella

Vegetable Lasagna £14.00
seasonal vegetables

Salmon Penne £16.00
smoked salmon, cream, onion, parsley

Melanzane Parmigiana £16.00
(Aubergine Lasagna, tomato, mozzarella)
served with a small Garlic Bread


Pizza 12"

Thin crust baked on stone, tomato and mozzarella base

Margherita £9.50
fresh basil

Napoli £10.50

Vegetarian £13.50
mushroom, artichokes,
fresh tomato, olives

Pepperoni Feast £13.50

Four Cheeses £13.50
mozzarella, stilton, cheddar,
red leicester

Capricciosa £13,50
ham and mushroom

Hawaiian £13,50
ham, pineapple

Farmhouse £13,50
chicken and bacon

Meat Feast £15.00
chicken, bacon, ham, pepperoni

ASOP £15.00
aubergines, stilton, olives, parmesan

The Goat £15.00
goat cheese, olives, red onion or chicken

Asparagus £15.00
asparagus, olives, parmesan

Stilton £15.00
stilton, bacon, mushrooms

Tuna £15.00
tuna, red onion, peas

Parma £15.00
parma ham, rocket, parmesan

Cream base with meat £15.00
stilton, pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms

Cream base with veg £15.00
artichokes, olives, sweetcorn, mushrooms

Pink Choice £16.00
cream, salmon, prawns

Pescatora £16.00
seafood, garlic, parsley

Four Seasons £16.00
ham, mushroom, pepperoni, bacon,
chicken, fresh tomato, olives, egg

See the special board for special pizzas all £17.00
This week:
– Mafia (nduja spicy cured meat)
– Salsiccia&friarielli

Extra Topping £2.00
Small portions £2.00 off



Sorbet £5.00

Ice Cream Selection £5.50
(vanilla, chocolate, honeycomb,
strawberry, salted caramel)

Panna Cotta £6.00

Affogato Coffee £6.00

Coffee Tiramisu £6.50

Limoncello Tiramisu £6.50

Nutella Pizza £7.00

see board for daily specials

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4A Cross St,

Newton Abbot
TQ13 8NL


Monday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Friday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Sunday 5:30pm – 9:30pm